Halloween Witches Hat

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I remember as a child how excited all of us were for the big night! We were able to dress up, run all over the neighborhood, get lots of candy and no one yelled at us. How fun is that? When my kids were growing up they were just as excited as I was as a child. Every year we had to make new costumes and once again they trooped all over the neighborhood collecting as much candy as they could...it is such a fun day for the young and the old!

I still remember Halloween 1991. The day started out with a little rain and by the time it was all over we had about 30 inches of snow. The kids still went out, but it got so bad that they were home in about a half hour. The good thing was there was so much snow that the ski resorts opened on November 1. Once the snow was plowed we were on our way to Afton for a crazy day of skiing in a lot of fresh SNOW!

Last fall I made a Christmas Elf door hanger and previewed a Halloween Witches Hat on that post. I said I would write a post on it later on and here it is! 
I saw the Christmas elf on Pinterest first and then the Witches Hat and thought that they were both really cute door hangers for each holiday.

What You Will Need...
All the items I used came from the Dollar Tree. I saw this project in the spring and had to wait until the end of summer to purchase the items at the Dollar Tree. As we all know Dollar Tree's seasonal items usually come out about a month or so before each holiday. So I waited and sure enough the witch's hats were there in late August. I purchased 10 of them. As long as I was making one, I thought I might as well make several for those special people in my life too. 

I purchased the following from the Dollar Tree...
  1. Witch's hat 
  2. 2 spools of purple decorative mesh 
  3. 4 spools of black decorative mesh 
  4. 1 bag of shimmery little balls 
  5. Various Halloween embellishments like spiders
  6. A bag of pipe cleaners
  7. Some sparkly ribbon (not necessary, but it did add a lot more sparkle to the project)
  8. Witches stockings and shoes (these are located in the Halloween area of the Dollar Tree - Unlike the Christmas Elf, they have the stockings for the project.
How to assemble the Witches Hat...
From this point, the assembly is the same as the Christmas Elf. So if you see red and white, don't be alarmed. I borrowed some of my other post for this one. If you are interested in making the Christmas Elf, just click here
The first thing you need to do is remove the black sparkly stuff off the witch's hat along with the paper buckle and any other paper items that are on the hat.
After removing the black sparkly stuff, set the hat aside. 
Next, take the purple decorative mesh and start wrapping the top of the hat all the way down to the brim. Glue the mesh in place.
Now the fun starts...not really, it's a little tedious, but the end results are worth it. Take your black decorative mesh and cut into 20" strips. You will need between 32 and 38 strips to fill in the bottom of the hat. Then, if using sparkly ribbon, cut them into 7" strips and V cut each end. Cut 20 of your pipe cleaners in half. 
Take one piece of the black decorative mesh and lay flat on a table and start gathering them from the center. Hold between two fingers and then add the 7" piece of sparkly ribbon and wrap with one of the cut pipe cleaners. Repeat this until you have 36 bunches. Start at one end of the bottom of the hat and fill in the brim with the black decorative mesh that you just assembled. Wrap each on to the hat with the pipe cleaners, twisting them all in the back.

Having Issues With Making Ruffles?
If you are having issues with making the deco mesh bunches, just check out this video from Southern Wreaths for more information...B.T.W., there are several ways of making the bundles, but I like this method best!

Now on to the finishing of the Witches hat. I put small shimmery balls and bows on mine. You can put anything you want to decorate it. just start gluing...my favorite part!
My Spooky Witches Hat...FINISHED!
And here it is! I took one of the cut pipe cleaners and glued it to the back to act as a hanger for the Witches Hat. I hung it on a decorative door hanger on my front door. It's really cute and I get lots of compliments... If you are looking for a quick, fun project for Halloween, I think you will love this one.

Another Cute Idea for Thanksgiving...
If interested, I also made a Thanksgiving Door Wreath...pictured below. It, once again is assembled like the Halloween Hat and the Elf Hat. I added a pumpkin to the bottom instead of feet. I think it turned out just right!
One Final Thought...
It's hard to believe that the holidays are upon us. It's already October...where the heck did the summer go????? We closed up our summer place yesterday. It was so very nice out...warm and sunny. But, fall is here and there are other projects to get to before winter. I do hope you enjoy your fall. The leaves are just about at peak. They look so beautiful...however, you know what happens next??? Picking up all those beautiful leaves...LOL! Have a great autumn!!!!