Heartwarming Quilted Jackets

Here are a few very cute quilted lightweight jackets. I chose to make the black and white jacket. For those quilters out there, this is a fun project. I made this jacket awhile ago and still wear it often. I used white blocks with lots of different black floral blocks. I did change the sleeves to a light weight jersey fabric and didn't add ribbing to the bottom. I wanted it to make it a jacket that I could wear anytime whether going out for the evening or just wearing it with blue jeans.
Now that I have you all excited about making this jacket, I'm sad to say this pattern is no longer available through Back Porch Press, but is readily available on ebay and I might say cheaper than what I paid for it. Here is a link to this pattern. You can click here, or click on the ebay picture above and you will be redirected to the ebay site where you can purchase this pattern.

Quilted Jacket Assembly...
It's an easy project. I love the way you use one color print squares and plain white squares. It's not limited to white and black. You can use your imagination. 

Once you have stitched together all of your squares, you back it with 100% cotton flannel. Now it's time to quilt. You can use any method you want for quilting. I chose to use straight lines using the points of each square as my markers.  After your quilting is completed it's time to wash it. I washed mine twice on a hot setting. Then throw it in the dryer. When you remove it, you will have a quilted piece that looks a little aged...just the way you want it to look.

Now the fun begins. Cut out your pattern pieces with the quilted cloth that you created. Assemble according to the pattern instructions. Add a zipper to the front and necking fabric to the collar and bottom of jacket (I chose not to add necking fabric to the bottom)...and that's it! A very cute spring and fall jacket that was pretty simple to assemble.

If you are interested in the other quilt jackets that I have displayed above, just scroll down to the bottom of this post. All information for those designs are linked to the artist's websites.

And here is my jacket. I chose not to add a bottom necking. I really love it for fall and spring!
One Final Thought...
Once again this was a very easy project. If you love quilting, or you love the look of quilts, this jacket is a fun way to show of your talent. Until next time...

Quilted Sweatshirt Jacket

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