Easter Wreath & Table Centerpiece

Spring? Yes, spring is right around the corner. With spring comes a few fun holidays, i.e., St. Patrick's Day, Easter and of course, Mother's Day. For the last few weeks my posts have concentrated on St. Patrick's Day and Easter. This post concentrates on Easter exclusively. I have made wreaths for many other holidays, and thought it would be a good idea to make one for Easter.

I think the wreath turned out so cute! The table decoration is also a fun project. Usually I have deco mesh left over from making the wreath so why not make a cute table centerpiece also.

Once again, the Dollar Tree has so many cute Easter embellishments to make these decorations so  cute. The trick is to buy the items as soon as they come in at the Dollar Tree. Normally Easter decorations come out in late February along with St. Patrick's Day decorations. Buy them fast is my rule, because the items go quickly.
What You Will Need to Make the Easter Decorations...
Here are the items you will need to make both the wreath and the centerpiece. All items were purchased at the Dollar Tree.  I'll save the rest for another project.

What you will need:
  • 2 each pink, yellow, blue, green and lavender deco mesh
  • 1 14" wreath form
  • 1 8" wreath form (for centerpiece)
  • Easter embellishments (like bunnies, eggs, chicks and etc.)
  • 2 rolls of Easter (wide) ribbon
  • 1 Easter door hanging (this will be taken apart and added to the bottom of the wreath
  • pipe cleaners (any color) 
  • glue gun and glue
  • scissors
All these items can be purchased at Dollar Tree. However, I purchased the pipe cleaners at Walmart.
The wreath form is 14". When you purchase the smaller forms, there are 2 per package.
You can use any color pipe cleaners. They won't show because they are tied in the back and clipped.

That's it. I believe I spent $20 total for both the wreath and the centerpiece. With today's prices on everything, I think this was a pretty good deal. Of course there's your time to consider also. But, I have always felt these things are a labor of love.

Let's Make an Easter Wreath & Table Wreath...
Start by rolling the mesh over 2 times and cut. You will do this with all the mesh.
Once you have completed cutting all the mesh, cut all the pipe cleaners in half. At this point if you want to add ribbon, cut them in 6"-7" pieces and trim both sides like a bow end. I believe you will get around 15 cuts out of 1 roll of ribbon. Then start assembling the little bundles. I added ribbons to the white deco mesh and left the pink ones plain.
I glued the center points of each ribbon. This is not necessary, but it was easier for me. You'll be adding the ribbon with the deco mesh to make a bundle wrapped with a pipe cleaner. You won't be adding a ribbon to every bundle. You'll need between 16-20 bundles with bows. These will be distributed throughout the bundles of deco mesh.
Now make lots of bundles. Take 2 of the deco mesh cuts and tie a pipe cleaner around them. I made all my bundles first. Turn on the TV and start making them. It's kind of a boring task, so listening to music or watching TV will make this task go a lot faster.
Each bundle has two of the same color. Crisscross the two and tie with a pipe cleaner. I attached one bundle of each color and then one bundle of ribbon and repeated this around the entire wire frame. You can do it anyway you want.
After the entire wreath form is covered, go back and fluff the ribbons. They get kind of buried when you are attaching all of the other bundles...

Then comes the fun part, attaching all the embellishments. Use your imagination for the embellishments. Like I said above, the Dollar Tree has so many cute items to make your wreath adorable.

Here is the Finished Wreath...

I purchased the Happy Easter truck at the Dollar Tree also. The little bunny butts were so cute, I couldn't resist using them. The carrots were also purchased at the Dollar Tree. I think it finished off this wreath nicely.

Here is a video on how to make a door wreath with deco mesh. Although this is a Valentine's wreath, the steps used are the same as the Easter wreath. I have posted this one before in other wreath making posts. If you are a visual person, this video will help you out.

Now Let's Make the Candle Decoration...
Basically, you are doing the same steps for the smaller wreath frame. Use your leftover deco mesh, ribbons and embellishments to make a smaller version. You might need to purchase 1 or 2 more rolls of deco mesh to finish the candle wreath. Add a candle and a cute Valentine's mat under it and you're all set for Easter!

Easter Table Mat...
This is an easy mat. Last year after Easter I purchased a table runner from Hobby Lobby for 90% off. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but the price was right and so I purchased it. 

When I decided to make a small mat, I took that table mat and cut a 14"x14" square. The table runner was double sided, so all I had to do was put binding around it. Pretty easy! I also had enough of the runner left over so I made pillow covers for the Easter holiday. They turned out so cute.
I wanted to make another Easter cover. Once again the Dollar Tree came in handy. They have cute holiday towels. So, I purchased two Easter egg towels and created two more pillow covers. Cost? $2.50 for both egg pillow covers.  It always amazes me that you can substitute very inexpensive towels to make very cute holiday decorations and decor. Slip them over your regular pillows and viola' you have cute Easter pillows.

If you have read my last post on St. Patrick's Day and Easter Projects, I also made pillow covers for St. Patrick's Day. I once again purchased some St. Patrick's Day towels from the Dollar Tree and created really cute St. Patty's Day decorations.

One Final Thought...
Well, that's it for today. I do hope you enjoyed this post. Making wreaths and centerpieces are really easy and add such a punch to your holiday decor. Now that I have new St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorations, I think I need to start figuring out what to make for Mother's Day. Stop back soon to see what I have come up with for Mom's Day! In the meantime, have a great day!

Always remember..."Life's short...eat dessert first!"...words to live by!