Perfect Asparagus Every Time

Now for my asparagus tip...I believe I wrote this in another post, so this is just good reminder of that post. 
  1. You will need one bunch of asparagus. Break off the woody parts at their natural breaking point. My Grandmother told me to hold each asparagus in two hands and bend it. It will automatically break at its natural breaking point. Wash the asparagus well.
  2. Lay some paper toweling, large enough to hold half of the asparagus. Place asparagus on paper toweling and drizzle with olive oil. Also salt and pepper it. I also add a little Italian dressing over them and then wrap in the paper toweling. Dampen the paper toweling by running a little water over it.
  3. Place in the microwave for 3 minutes. (I usually add another minute just so I know they are done)
  4. Repeat with second half of asparagus.
  5. Add butter and lemon (optional)

The asparagus turns out perfectly. Not too hard and not too soft...just perfect!

...Always remember...Life's short, eat dessert first!"...words to live by!