Kitchen Cleaning Wipes

Tired of paying for those cleaning wipes for your kitchen? They can get pretty expensive. "It's a Wonderful Life" Blogspot has a great idea. Check out her website for details on this very practical and inexpensive way to have those handy wipes always there ready to be used.

Items needed:
  1. An empty coffee container
  2. Pinesol or Mr. Clean or any other cleaner that you use
  3. 1 paper towel roll (preferably something like Brawny)
Cut the paper toweling in half. This isn't the easiest, but if you use a good serrated knife, it will be a lot easier. Mix 1/2-3/4 cup of your favorite cleaning solution with 2 1/2 cups of water. Pour solution over the paper towels in a empty coffee container. Don't remove the cardboard cylinder in the paper towels. Let set for a few hours. Pull out cardboard cylinder and viola' you have handy wipes for your kitchen. Cover with coffee container top and store under your sink. That's it! What a great idea...Thank you "It's a Wonderful Life" Blogspot.
*Note: you can also use any tupperware or plastic container with a cover. It's totally up to you.
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