Sweet Baby Hoodies

 A Quick and Easy Christmas Present...
This sweet little hoodie is a favorite of mine. I've made it a number of times for brand new members of our family. It's a quick and easy pattern from Yarnspirations for newbies or experts alike. If you want to make a special little gift for that new baby, or you want to make it for kiddos a little older, the sizes for this pattern are for 6 months to 24 months. A great Christmas present!
Sweet Baby Hoodie-"Free Pattern" 
Here is a little snippet from the pattern. It can be made for little baby girls or boys. With just a few changes it can be feminine or masculine. It can be made in just a few hours. I'm an avid crochet enthusiast. I've literally made thousands of items. Of course, what do you do with all the crocheted items? I found some craft shows to show my wares. It's definitely a labor of love and when I sell something, I can go out and buy more yarn...LOL!.
  "Free Pattern"
Click on the picture or "Free Pattern" and you will be redirected to Yarnspirations website for full instructions on making this cute little hoodie.
Here are a few samples of this pattern by other contributors. Every one that I have made has turned out so dang cute. Something special for a new member of your family or friend's family.

Sweaters I Love to Make...
My specialty is making team hoodies for kids under age 3 and cute little girl hoodies. I've made hundreds of them. Of course, I have to have an outlet for my crocheting addiction...LOL... So once a year I do a craft show to sell them. I really do love making them!

One Final Thought...
I have made so many sweaters in my life and I never get sick of making them. So small and so cute! I do hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did researching and finding the cutest sweaters I could. I've made the "Sweet Baby Hoodie" many times...and again never get tired of making them over and over again!

Always remember..."Life's short...eat dessert first!"...words to live by!